Cangzhou Guiyuanhe Hardware Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Cangzhou Guiyuanhe Company has been an innovative professional company engaged in research development,manufactureand marketing of fittings for architectural hardware.Guiyuanhe supplies fittings of high-quality and provides consulting sserivces to the architectural industry. After years of development, Guiyuanhe has become a famous brand in the field of construction. In addition to adopting modern and advanced production technology Guiyuanhe also has many experts and designers engaged in product development to ensure that Guiyuanhe products always maintain the international leading level. With its advanced design concepts, exquisite appearance and excellent quality, the products provided by Guiyuanhe have greatly met the individual needs of different customers and are praised by users. GuiYuanhe is a responsible and reliable partner for any wise enterprise and designer dedicated to construction engineering business.