Dongguan Zhumeng Hardware Products Co. Ltd

Our company specializes in manufacturing wire cable assemblies. Wire cable has wide range of application inside the vehicle such as brake gear, window rear mirror, gas pedal machinery and electronic device of control system.It can also be applied to use in general industries such as lashing, supporting dragging and lifting.Our main products, brake cable flex shaft, cable with coating control cable , speedo meter cable gear cable, throttle cable clutch cable, safety cable and slings. Applicationscomputer lock: grinding machine white house hold product, clean equipment baby carriage, and lighting etc sporting accessories; tennis netvolleyball netbasketball net cable with coating protective gear climbing wire rope, tow cable for vehicle marine cable, heavy machine wire rope time machine,treadmill machine wire rope/ control cable for medical equipment agriculture cable, and related metal parts plastic parts.,brWe have been cooperating with many domestic and foreign enterprises from the beginning. Because of our exquisite R>D capability and advanced facilities we can meet customer,s particular needs and provide all different kinds of products with good quality and service.