Foshan Zijie Hardware Technology Co., Ltd.

Specializing in the production of hinge hardware hinge, box hinge Angle hinge, door hinge metal hinge, stainless steel hinge copper hinge,Butterfly hinge sub-mother hinge spring hinge, Alibaba recommended manufacturers located at Guangdong Foshan Nanhai One Of The First Floors Of Li Rongzhang Factory Building: No. 65 Donglian shiChen dongDevelopment Zone, Danzao Town Foshan Zijie Hardware Technology Co. Ltd. is mainly engaged in hardware hinge and box and bag hardware accessories, furniture hardware accessories electronic hardware accessories, stamping hardware accessories photo frame hardware accessories, lighting Hardware accessories hardware gasket, Christmas hardware ornament etc. Adhering to the business philosophy of ,customer first" forge ahead the company adheres to the original principle of ,customer first""brWe sincerely hope to cooperate with you for mutual benefit. We have a unique position and are located in danstove> the most famous small hardware town in southern China at present; the enterprise of dankuo 80 is hardware industry% The supporting facilities are complete and we can complete it as quickly as possible from the purchase of raw materials to the delivery of products, because we produce hardware products here without any shortage you are most in need of purchasing, Foshan Zijie Hardware Technology Co. Ltd. in Nanhai district of Foshan City sincerely hopes for your care.,brOur products are of high quality and reasonable price>br