Huizhou Dayabay Yudahexing Hardware Plastic Products Co., Ltd.

YUDAHEXING Hardware Plastic Products Co Ltd was founded in 1999 in Pingshan Shenzhen. It focuses on the development and marketing of commercial shelves for sports equipment. At the beginning of the company,s establishment we received our first order for supermarket commercial shelves from customers in the United States. Then it started its export business for the following 20 years. ,br>brWe have developed from a small studio in the early years until 2005> when we bought a piece of land in Daya Bay and built our own factory with a total area of 5000 square meters.,br>brWe have our own hardware> spray painting and packaging departments. We also have a very strong foreign trade sales team. Furthermore our factory is in Yantian Port which is very close to Shenzhen, from production to logistics we can provide you with the most comprehensive service.,br>brIn addition> no matter what customization needs you have we promise that you will get feedback within 6 hours and we will find a solution for you within the next 12 hours.