Isharp Abrasives Tools Science Institute

iSharp Abrasives Tools Science Institute is a leading grinding solutions provider from 1991. Experienced abrasives engineers constitute a research team. We have resin abrasives ceramic abrasives, coated abrasives non-woven abrasives, diamond tools and abrasives equipments etc six professional factories. Adhering to the Green Efficiency, Precision concept we design, develop and produce suitable abrasive products provide a complete grinding technology services. iSharp,s products improve grinding efficiency and quality save grinding costs to help users improve their competitiveness. ,briSharp>s products are grinding wheels cutting discs, points segments, sticks belts, sheets pads, abrasive cloth scouring pads and rolls, fibre wheels sanding paper, flap disc flap wheel, fibre discs sanding sponge pads, diamond grinding wheels diamond sintered bits and abrasives equipments. ,briSharp>s products meet the FEPA DIN, ANSI standards are exported to Belgium, Germany UK, USA Canada, Mexico Brazil, Australia Egypt, South Africa Turkey, Iran etc 38